Le Galuchon, by Galanck

A bright and vibrant idea in a backpack

Le Galuchon is equipped with a connected technology, that lights and vibrates. Bluetooth associated to a GPS navigation application, it guides their users thanks to vibrations emitted through the shoulderstraps and signalizes them to their environment (turn signals, brake lights, warning ...), automatically of course.


A backpack with an innovative design

A backpack with sleek design, for all city dwellers. A suitable design for all weather conditions with multiple pouches including one for your computer, up to 15 inches. Validated ergonomics: keeping your back in an upright position, distribution of weight and balance.


Introduction movie

The manifesto

We at Galanck, believe that mobility is the physical expression of independence. Independence to move as you wish, without fear, without risks, without polluting... And without mistake in style.

Who said we had to make a choice between style and safety? Who said good taste could not save a life?

Galanck is a committed brand for more active and gentle mobility in our cities. We offer a backpack combining style and technical performances to all commuting cyclers. We believe in a new balance on the roads!

Bicycles, scooters, gyropodes, skateboards, rollerskates, Galanck was created for you and around you! For your comfort, your safety and style. Common sense, a more sustainable consumption, and some air!

That is our fuel. The fuel of those which do not consume any.

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